Seminars in Oncology

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UZ Brussel, PR4, floor +1


Clinical and research seminars at the ORC!

Who can attend?

  • Clinicians
  • junior scientists
  • senior scientists

Why you should?

  • State of the art
  • Sharing information
  • Networking



Dr. Bishal Gyawali – “Common sense in oncology: how (and why) similar data are interpreted differently by the oncology community” (seminar and interview)

Dr. Sebastian Giebel – “Total marrow irradiation – beneficial approach for Multiple Myeloma patients” (seminar)

Dr. Piet Ost – “Radiation therapy and immune-cehckpoint inhibition, a synergistic combination” (seminar)

Dr. Bertrand Tombal – “Hormone therapy in prostate cancer beyond 2017” (seminar)

Dr. Ivan Van Riet – “Liquid biopsies and cancer” (seminar)

Dr. Marian Van Hoeij – “Oncoplastic breast surgery: point of view of the breast surgeon” (seminar – Nederlandstalig)

Dr. Moustapha Hamdi – “Oncoplastic breast surgery: point of view of the plastic surgeon” (seminar). Video only available for professionals: click here to request the video to the coordinator

Dr. Damya Laoui – “Importance of myeloid dendritic cells for anti-tumor immunity” (seminar)

Dr. Lore Decoster – “Oncogeriatrics: focus on the elderly cancer patient” (seminar – Nederlandstalig)

Dr. Hans Guy – “Recent evolutions in the farmacological approach of pain in the oncological patient” (seminar)